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Answer: B
Tā jiào Lǐ Níng,suǒyǐ “lǐ” shì tā de _____.
他  叫  李 宁,    所以 “李” 是 他 的 ______.
His name is Li Ning, so “Li” is his ______.
A. 名 (míng) first name

B. 姓 (xìng) last name

C. 家 (jiā) family

Tā jiào Lǐ Níng,suǒyǐ “lǐ” shì tā de xìng.
他  叫  李 宁,    所以 “李” 是 他 的 姓.
His name is Lǐ Níng, so “lǐ” is his last name.

In Chinese, a Chinese person’s name is composed of the “姓 (xìng) last name” and “名 (míng) first name”. The names are written with the last name first and first name last. So in this example, his name is “李宁 (Lǐ Níng),” where “李 (Lǐ)” is his last name and “宁 (Níng)” is his first name.

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