Answer to “跑腿(pǎotuǐ)” Fancy Footwork Gets the Job Done! (Beginner)

“跑腿(pǎotuǐ)” doesn’t literally mean “to run with one’s legs”. It has two meanings. One is to serve others for money or for free. The other is to run here and there to do odds and ends for oneself. So “跑腿(pǎotuǐ)” actually means “to do legwork/footwork or run errands” in English. Thus, the answer is A.


Nǐ bié xiāngxìn tā,   tā zhǐshì gè pǎotuǐ de.
你 别   相信     他,他 只是  个 跑腿    的。
You can’t trust him. He just runs errands.

Wǒ gāng jìn gōngsī de shíhou jiùshì gè pǎotuǐ de.
我    刚    进  公司   的   时候   就是  个  跑腿   的。
I only did legwork when I first came to the company.

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