Answer to HSK 4 Quiz: Master this Complicated Expression!

Answer: A


Jenny huì tiàowǔ, dàn tiào de bù zěnme yàng.
Jenny 会   跳舞, 但   跳  得  不  怎么     样。
Jenny can dance, but she doesn’t dance very well.

You know the answer is A, because “不怎么样 (bù zěnme yàng)” means “not up to much; very indifferent; so-so” in English, and in answer A, 不太好 (bú tài hǎo) also means “not very good.” Answer B means she dances very well and answer C means she can’t dance at all, which are both wrong.


Tā wǎngqiú dǎ de bù zěnme yàng .
他   网球     打  得  不  怎么    样。
He plays tennis only so so.

Zhè fú huà huà de bù zěnme yàng.
这  幅  画   画   得 不  怎么    样。
This isn’t much of a painting.

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