Answer to How to Compliment Someone in Chinese

Answer: B
Let’s take a look at the answer choices. As for A and C, “你真棒(Nǐ zhēn bàng)” and “你真牛(Nǐ zhēn niú)” both mean “You are great” in English and they are usually used in compliments.


Lǐ Lán: Wǒ tōngguò miànshì le!
李 兰:我   通过       面试     了!
Li Lan: I passed the interview!

Wáng Míng: Nǐ zhēn bàng / Nǐ zhēn niú!
王        明:  你  真    棒    /  你  真     牛!
Wang Ming: You are great!

Lǐ Lán: Xièxie!
李 兰:谢谢!
Li Lan: Thank you!

B, on the other hand, is “你真二(Nǐ zhēn èr),” meaning “You are silly,” a phrase that is often used to tease someone. When you say your friend is “二(èr),” the word is not really a derogatory term, but is simply used to joke that he or she has done something silly which leaves you feeling speechless.


Lǐ Méng: Wǒ gāng yòu bùxiǎoxīn jìn le nánxǐshǒujiān.
李 萌:    我   刚     又   不小心     进 了 男洗手间。
Li Meng: I just accidently walked into the men’s bathroom again.

Wáng Zhēn: Nǐ zhēn èr!
王        珍: 你  真    二!
Wang Zhen: You are so silly!

So the correct answer is B.
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