Answer to “臭美(chòuměi)”, Smelly But Beautiful?



“臭美(chòuměi)” is usually used to describe those who are extremely narcissistic and often talk about their good looks or qualities, but in reality, they aren’t especially beautiful or better at things than others. Sometimes we use the word to be ironic or teasing, meaning “you flatter yourself” or “get over yourself”. Finally, please remember that it can’t be used literally, that is, “you are beautiful but smell terrible”.


Tā měitiān huàn jǐtào yīfu, zhēn shì chòuměi.
她  每天      换    几套 衣服,真   是   臭美。
She changes her clothes several times a day. She just shows off.

Tā juéde zìjǐ zhōngwén shuōde hěnhǎo, tài chòuměi le!
他 觉得  自己 中文         说得      很好, 太   臭美     了!
He thinks he speaks Chinese so well, such a smug guy!

Jīngcháng zhàojìngzi de rén jiùshì chòuměi.
经常           照镜子     的  人  就是   臭美。
Those who often look into the mirror really indulge in self-admiration.

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