Answer to Do You Know What “意思 (Yìsi)” Really Means? Find out Now!

Answers: B

Xiǎo Lǐ: Lǎo Wáng, jìndù zěnmeyàng la?
Xiao Li: Lao Wang, how’s the progress?

Lǎo Wáng: Nǐ yě tà bùgòu yìsi le, wǒmen dōu bǎ gōngzuò zuò wán le nǐ cái lái.
Lao Wang: You’re not a stand-up guy. We finished all the work before you got here.

(What on Earth Do You Mean?)

Let’s take a look at all the different phrases and usages of “意思 (yìsi):”
“不好意思 (Bùhǎoyìsi)” means “sorry” or “excuse me.”

“不够意思 (Bùgòu yìsi)” can also be used to describe someone who isn’t good, genial and kind, and overall not a stand-up guy.

“没意思 (Méi yìsi)” often used to show that things or people are boring or uninteresting.

“小意思 (Xiǎo yìsi)” can refer to the small token of kindly feelings and the mere slight token of regard. Such as:

Zhège jiàn lǐwù sònggěi nǐ, yìdiǎnr xiǎoyìsi, bié kèqi.
This small gift is for you. You don’t need to say anything.

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