Do You Know What “意思 (Yìsi)” Really Means? Find out Now!

HSK 3 quiz
Read the dialogue and answer the question below.

Xiǎo Lǐ: Lǎo Wáng, jìndù zěnmeyàng la?
Xiao Li: Lao Wang, how’s the progress?

Lǎo Wáng: Nǐ yě tài ______ le, wǒmen dōu bǎ gōngzuò zuò wán le nǐ cái lái.
老王:你也太 ______了,我们都把工作做完了你才来。
Lao Wang: You’re not a stand-up guy. We finished all the work before you got here.

Please choose the best option to fill in the blank to complete the dialogue.

A. (Bùhǎoyìsi) 不好意思

B. (Bùgòu yìsi) 不够意思

C. (Méi yìsi) 没意思

D. (Xiǎo yìsi) 小意思

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