Answer to Chinese Dating: Who Should Pay the Bill?

Correct Answer: A
First off, it should be made clear that China has long been a patriarchal society, where males have traditionally played dominant roles in political leadership, moral authority, social privilege, and also control of property. In ancient China, females were not supposed to hunt for jobs to support their families; that was considered “a man’s territory” according to traditional conventions.

Influenced by this deep-rooted favor for the masculine, males are taught to be strong, to be more reliable, and to be more independent than females. They should protect and take good care of females in any situation. So when it comes to dating, Chinese men always take their “responsibility” seriously, and that means footing the bill. If they didn’t, they may be considered ungentlemanly, ungenerous and unreliable! What’s worse, it may ruin the date and end the relationship.

Men really have a lot of pressure when it comes to dating in China. Besides paying, they are also supposed to plan the date, including deciding the day, choosing the restaurant, making a reservation, and so on. Of course, they should ask their female counterparts for their ideas first, and if they have no objection, the guys are then in charge of handling all the decision-making.

Nowadays, influenced by the cultures of many western countries, modern, feminist females might also choose to pay the bill, or at least, go Dutch.

In our test, according to Chinese conventions, men are supposed to foot the bill when on a date, so the answer is A.

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