A Chinese Song Belongs to Spring: The Little Swallow

March falls in Spring in China, and last month we learned a children’s song: “Where is Spring“, do you still remember how to sing it? Today, we are going to learn another Chinese nursery rhyme about Spring: “The Little Swallow”.

Language Points

n. swallow

v. wear

n. spring

n. here

n. beauty
v. beautiful


Xiǎo yànzi
小 燕子,
The little swallow,

chuān huāyī,
穿 花衣,
wear colored clothing,

niánnián chūntiān lái zhèlǐ.
年年 春天 来 这里。
every spring is here.

Wǒ wèn yànzi nǐ wéi shá lái,
我 问 燕子 你 为 啥 来,
I ask she why she comes here,

yànzi shuō,
燕子 说,
swallow said,

zhèlǐ de chūntiān zuì měilì.
这里 的 春天 最 美丽。
spring here is the most beautiful.

Can your children sing the catchy song for The Little Swallow now? If you like our way to learn Chinese, then please leave a comment and let us know. We will introduce more interesting Chinese knowledge for kids in the future! Stay tuned!

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