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Learn “大 (dà)” and “小 (xiǎo)” Through a Kids’ Chinese Nursery Rhyme (Beginner)

Apr. 18, 2011

Key Learning Points (Preview):

大 (): adj. big


小 (xiǎo): adj. small


太阳、地球和月亮 (Taiyáng, Dìqiú hé Yuèliang) Sun, Earth and Moon


Tàiyáng dà, 
 太阳      大,


The Sun is big.

dìqiú xiǎo,
地球   小,


The Earth is small.

dìqiú ràozhe tàiyáng pǎo.
地球    绕着    太阳      跑。


The Earth runs around the Sun.

Dìqiú dà,
地球   大,


The Earth is big

yuèliang xiǎo,
月亮        小,


The Moon is small.

Yuèliang ràozhe diqiú pǎo.
月亮          绕着    地球   跑。


The Moon runs around the Earth.

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This is wonderful. My kids like these lessons very much. I want to ask about the usage of “比.” Can you give more examples to explain it in your upcoming Chinese lessons for kids?

“比(bǐ)” is a preposition, which means “than” in Mandarin Chinese. We usually use the structure: “A 比 B plus the aspect that is being compared.”
For example:
Tā bǐ wǒ gāo.
He is taller than me.

Can you teach more pairs of adjectives like “大” and “小” in your upcoming Chinese lessons for kids?

Wow! That’s a really neat asnwer!

[...] Learn “大 (dà)” and “小 (xiǎo)” Through a Kids’ Chinese Nursery Rhyme [...]

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