Most Frequently Used Chinese Words for Tattoo (Intermediate)

Chinese Lessons Online -Most Frequently Used Chinese Words for Tattoo
Key Learning Points (Preview):
纹身 (wénshēn): v./n. to tattoo/tattoo

勇气 (yǒngqì): n. courage

Do you have “纹身 (wénshēn) tattoos?” The Mexico International Tattoo Expo has just been held in Monterey. A variety of tattoos raised a lot of eyebrows. These days, many people have tattoos of Chinese characters, but do you know what the most frequently used characters and what they mean?
1. 爱 (ài)

“爱 (ài)” means love. People who have this tattoo often use it to express their love for their partners, relatives and friends. Many people like to tattoo the traditional Chinese character of 爱-愛.
2. 信 (xìn)

“信 (xìn)” refers to confidence, belief or trust. People use it to display their self-confidence.
3. 勇气 (yǒngqì)

“勇气 (yǒngqì)” means courage. People get this one to display their self-confidence as well or to encourage themselves.
Key Learning Points:

纹身 (wénshēn): v./n. to tattoo/tattoo

    Hāi, nǐ shì búshì qù Mòxīgē Guójì Wénshēn Bólǎnhuì le?
A: 嗨,你 是 不是 去 墨西哥   国际     纹身       博览会 了?

Hey, did you go to the Mexico International Tattoo Expo?
Shì a, nàxiē wénshēn tài kù le.
B: 是 啊,那些    纹身   太 酷 了。

Yes, the tattoos there were so cool.

勇气 (yǒngqì): n. courage

Tā huāle jǐ gè xiǎoshí cái gǔ qǐ yǒngqì, xiàng tā qiúhūn.
他   花了 几个 小时     才 鼓 起 勇气, 向   她   求婚。

He spent hours working up the courage to ask her to marry him.
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  1. I know a little about this topic from my Chinese lessons online. What about the verb for tattoo?

  2. My teacher told me that many Chinese people like to get tattoos of pictures of dragons when I took Chinese lessons online, because the dragon represents honor and power in China.

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