Medical Chinese Lessons

eChineseLearning offers one-to-one Chinese lessons for current and prospective medical professionals. We aim to help them communicate effectively in Chinese in the medical field.
Beginner Medical Chinese Lessons
Intermediate Medical Chinese Lessons
Advanced Medical Chinese Lessons
We have helped medical professionals from the following institutions:


Jayshiro Tashiro
Ian Costanzo

Student Feedback

“I’ve been using eChineseLearning with my private teacher, Mary, for over a year and a half. I really didn’t think I could learn Chinese – I’m not Chinese, none of my in-laws are Chinese, I’m not young and not even good at languages – how could I possibly learn a language as complex as Chinese? With Mary’s creative and patient instruction I can speak more than I dreamed possible. Your rates help make this dream possible and the scheduler makes it convenient with my constantly changing schedule of a professional and homemaker. Many thanks for your service.”
– Debaney Lefort, Livermore, California
Jun. 30, 2017
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