Summer Chinese Courses

What are the Summer Chinese Courses?

In the summer of 2021, eChineseLearning will be offering a summer Chinese program that includes summer Chinese courses specifically designed for students from age 3 and above. These Chinese courses are designed especially for children. With specific teaching methods and professional Chinese teachers in these Chinese courses, we work together on furthering the progress of your Chinese learning.

What: Take (up to) 1 private summer Chinese lesson every day with (up to) 5 classes per week, from highly qualified Chinese teachers directly in China; your child will be able to take private 40-44 Chinese lessons within these two months. Duration: 2 months study plus 2 weeks break for any family trip you may have planned.
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What: You can take as many as 4 summer Chinese lessons a day, 7 days a week, from professional Chinese teachers; and you will be able to take 20 private Chinese lessons in total. Duration: 20 hours lessons to be completed in 2 months.
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Why take the Summer Chinese Courses from eChineseLearning?
We are specialized in teaching young children or students (kindergarten/primary/middle school/University) online Chinese courses. Start your 2021 summer Chinese program now! And we are trying our best to make these Chinese courses fit for you.
Our summer Chinese courses introduce tones early and emphasize pronunciation, given that this is the main difficulty for older Chinese learners, but easy for young children to pick up. We integrate Chinese culture into summer Chinese courses learning. By analyzing the needs and characteristics of each child, teachers design the most suitable teaching method for each child, including designing scenarios, study tasks, and supplementary learning resources etc.
Our passion for teaching kids and young adults has helped many children worldwide have absolutely fun and enjoyable learning experiences. Our one-to-one online summer Chinese courses and professional services guarantee that you get the best Chinese learning experience. Whatever Chinese learning goals you have in mind, hope our Chinese courses can help you more!
With the passion for teaching kids and young adults Chinese courses, our Chinese teachers will try their best to design all kinds of activities in our summer Chinese program to help children learn these Chinese courses effectively, such as game cards and Chinese music.

Our qualified teaching team develops a personalized summer Chinese courses learning plan and a series of progress reports for each child. It is all based on each child’s level, pace, style, and even cultural background. All our teachers are bi-cultural as well as bi-lingual for the service of your Chinese courses’ needs.

Our management team consists of dynamic individuals with rich experience in Chinese language instruction from world-famous universities such as Stanford University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Beijing Language and Culture University, all working together to create the best Chinese courses possible for your learning needs, especially the summer Chinese program for your children.

Student Feedback

“I attended the Summer Chinese course of eChineseLearning during my summer holiday. My Chinese teacher Rita made the Chinese courses interesting and easy. She also was always patient with me and corrected my mistakes without making me feel embarrassed. I really enjoyed my time with her and the summer Chinese courses.”
–Jessica, San Francisco
Sept. 10, 2017
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