HSKK Test Prep Course

HSKK is the oral test of HSK. While eChineseLearning’s HSKK Test Prep courses are divided into 3 levels in accordance with the levels of HSKK exam, the one-to-one HSKK courses can be tailored to your actual level and individual needs. Our Chinese teachers will select appropriate HSKK-related materials with a focus on improving your ability in speaking Chinese and work around your particular strengths and weaknesses to maximize the chances that you will get the best HSKK test score possible.
HSKK Prep Lessons (Beginner Level)
HSKK Prep Lessons (Intermediate Level)
HSKK Prep Lessons (Advanced Level)
What is HSKK?
HSKK, Hanyu Shuiping Kouyu Kaoshi, is a standardized oral test that aims to test examinees’ ability in spoken Chinese. HSKK is the oral test of HSK and is divided into 3 levels.


Martin Fenton

Student Feedback

“I really wanted to take the AP exam in Chinese as I had planned to double major in both Chinese and Korean. I found eChineseLearning, (and) took the AP course. I passed the exam and am now on my way to achieve my dream and will definitely remain a student. Thank you all so much!”
– Maria, Pennsylvania, USA
Aug. 11, 2016
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