For Parents (Teens)

Chinese lessons for teens are designed for students from 13 to 17 years old. The effectiveness of your child’s Chinese learning is closely related to our joint efforts.
Design a Chinese study plan together for your child
Our Chinese teacher will design an individualized Mandarin Chinese study plan for your child. Parents can discuss with the teacher and choose the appropriate learning frequency for your child. You will see your child’s progress through the progress reports periodically.
Build a communicative environment for Chinese learning (if possible)
In our Chinese classes, the Chinese teachers are required to use Chinese language mostly, and we rigorously control the proportion of using Chinese and English. The Chinese teachers also design real communicative scenarios. If possible, we suggest that parents or others practice Chinese with the children, building a communicative environment for Chinese learning.
Learn Chinese through game cards/word cards
Oftentimes, children learn Chinese effectively through interactive games and activities. Our Chinese teachers will integrate games and word cards into Chinese lessons. Parents can also play game cards or have other fun activities with the children. Through these fun sessions, children will gradually memorize what they have learned in their classes and build an interest in Chinese learning.
Learn Chinese through music
Singing Chinese songs can be an effective way to learn Chinese for some children. Our Chinese teacher may teach your child some popular Chinese songs in the class. You may buy some music CDs, and learn to sing the Chinese songs together with your child.v


Ruiya and Wenting
Lisa Ng

Student Feedback

“I was looking for something that is convenient and also I can afford. I bought the program at eChineseLearning for my son when I saw that there were private Chinese lessons for teens on the website. I have to tell you that after 3 months, his spoken Chinese has become the best among his classmates in his junior high school–that is what his Chinese teacher told me this afternoon. I am so excited, so was my son! I really appreciate for what you have done!”
– Jerry Ho, Seattle, WA
Nov. 11, 2017
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