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Over the years, the only way people could take live Chinese lessons is by meeting teachers face to face, either in language learning centers or at a physical location. It usually takes a lot of effort and energy to make trips to classes.
Recent development of Internet and VoIP technology has broadened the way we learn and teach. if you are unable to travel to China and benefit from all the advantages of learning in the country with qualified native teachers, learning Chinese online can help you learn from anywhere in the world!
eChineseLearning provides an exciting, interactive way to learn Chinese. No matter where you are, you can take Chinese courses with professional Chinese teachers at your convenience. Lessons are delivered through the eChineseLearning Online Classroom, allowing students and teachers to talk with and see each other!
Learning Chinese online allows you to take your Chinese lessons from your home, your office or anywhere at times that are convenient to you.
When you take your lessons, you get private instruction from your teacher. You can learn based on your level, goal, pace, and learning style. Many students are uncomfortable asking questions in a large classroom setting. The online one-to-one Chinese lesson lets you ask questions directly to your instructor whenever you want.
With Internet tools, you don’t have to travel to China to enjoy learning from highly qualified professional Chinese teachers! We bring them directly to you from China!
Want to experience online Chinese learning? Join in Chinese Language Program.

Student Feedback

“I do enjoy your summer Chinese program and I have told all my friends how wonderful this program is. I learned a lot in this summer, and I am impressed with my teacher’s ability to adjust her teaching according to my needs, I shared my travel plan with her and she told me many interesting places and customs. Thanks very much for her efforts”
— Trina, Columbia University
Aug.20, 2017
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