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General Chinese

eChineselearning provides a huge number of Chinese resources for Chinese language learners. The materials in this section are designed to teach Chinese to non-native Chinese learners of various skill levels. These basic Chinese language materials are edited by eChineselearning's professional teaching staff. And best of all, they are totally FREE! If you are interested in learning Chinese, the basic Chinese language resources in this section will be of a great use to you!

To many people, Chinese women stand out for their consideration, tenderness, grace, refinement, loyalty, and family values. They may not be open and passionate like many western women, but they are characterized by their unique charm. However, Chinese women also rack men’s nerves since they have a tendency to say “yes“ when they really mean ...

S-V-O+吗 can express yes-or-no question.
Tā shuō hànyŭ ma?
1. 他 说 汉语 吗?
Does he speak Chinese?
Nĭ chī là ma?
2. 你 吃 辣 吗?
Do you eat spicy food?
However, when we do not need “吗,” if you want to ask question, you should know the below ...

Learn Chinese Grammar – Basic sentence pattern
As you begin learning Chinese, you will notice a few similarities between the structure of Chinese language and that of English. Yes, the basic sentence pattern “S-V-O” is same as that in English. Here are more examples, with the English rendered somewhat literally so that ...

Beginner Level / 初级chūjí
Fú wù yuán: Xiānsheng, nínhăo, nín xūyào diăn shénme?
服务员:      先生,       您好,  您    需要   点   什么?
Waiter: Sir, can I help you please?
Gù kè: Wŏ  yào  yí fèn  niúpái.
顾客: 我    要  一  份   牛排。
Customer: I’d like a steak.
Fú wù yuán: Hăo de, qĭng shāoděng.
服 务  员:   好  的,请      稍等。
Waiter: Ok, ...

Have you ever heard of Chinese “糖画(tánghuà) sugar painting?” If not, check out the video below for a glimpse of this intricate, edible art!

Have you ever seen anything like what the artist makes in the video? Do you think the way “糖画(tánghuà)” is made is pretty amazing?
If you visit China, you might find that in ...

Last week we talked about the weird-looking, and tasting, “皮蛋(pídàn) preserved egg.” Have you rolled up your sleeves and given it a taste? If not, here comes another choice you might want to try! This week we will introduce another strange Chinese delicacy with a nasty smell: “臭豆腐(chòudòufu).”

A lot of foreigners in China find it unbelievable ...

The importance of learning Chinese writing

Nowadays more and more people are beginning to learn Chinese. For the most part, they are only focusing on learning how to speak Chinese. But concerning using this language, they also need to learn Chinese writing. Writing can reflect a writer’s power of thought and language organization skills. It is ...

Windows 7 in China

Windows 7 was released in China on October 23rd. Because of the incompatibility problems, its preceding edition Vista was questioned and 戏称(xìchēng) jokingly called 围死它(wéi sĭ tā) besiege it to death by some Chinese users. The pronunciation of Vista sounds like the pronunciation of a Chinese expression 围死它(wéi sĭ tā). Windows 7 ...

One way that could be helpful to learn the mandarin Chinese is to imitate. Experts say that 3 to 12 years old are the golden ages for children to learn mandarin Chinese, because kids in that age range have strong capability for imitation. Once they keep learning mandarin Chinese by ...

iPhone is increasingly getting popular among young people in China. Recently, China Unicom is negotiating with Apple Computer in a deal that intends to introduce iPhone to the China market. It is estimated that if the deal goes through, iPhone’s sales in China is expected to 直线上升(zhíxiàn shàngshēng) increase substantially with people’s 追捧(zhuīpěng) ...

百度(bǎidù) Baidu VS 谷歌(gŭgē) Google
The competition between search engines 百度(bǎidù) Baidu and 谷歌(gŭgē) Google is always a hot topic. As the most popular Chinese search engine in the world, 百度(bǎidù) Baidu recently published its new platform concept-框计算(kuàng jìsuàn) Box Computing, which obviously challenges the 云计算(yún jìsuàn) Cloud Computing platform from the largest international search ...

New Standard Chinese (Elementary Level 1, 2)
Peking University Press
(I)ISBN 7-301-077777/H.1024
(II)ISBN 7-301-0778-5/H.1025
Chief Editor Fang Ming



Ideal for
Supporting Material

Comprehensive textbook for college
Beginners of High school student, college student, adults
Textbook, 2CD for Book 1, 3CD for Book 2

The book is compiled by professors of Bejing Language and Culture University for high school student, college students and grow-up learners as ...

Bă cíyŭ zŭchéng jùzi, zài jiāshàng biāodiăn.
1. 把 词语   组成   句子,再  加上      标点。
暑假 愉快 你 祝
下午 时间 有 吗 你好
你们 荣幸 见到 我 非常 感到
欢迎  北京  你
高兴  您  认识  很  你好
第  奥运会  北京  29届  举行  在
你 晚会 吗 参加 圣诞节 喜欢
修一下 坏了 请你 车 我 的
节日 中国 春节 是 的 传统
Dúyidú, zhào yàngzi găixiĕ jùzi.
2. 读一读,照     样子   ...

CHINESE / MANDARIN VOCABULARY – COLORS/ 颜色/yán sè (Click in the arrow to listen how to pronounce the word in Mandarin)

CHINESE / MANDARIN VOCABULARY – DESSERTS/ 甜品/tián pǐn (Click in the arrow to listen how to pronounce the word in Mandarin)


apple pie
pínɡ ɡuǒ pài

CHINESE / MANDARIN VOCABULARY – FAMILLY/家庭 /jiā tínɡ (Click in the arrow to listen how to pronounce the word in Mandarin)


ā yí

CHINESE / MANDARIN VOCABULARY – LIVINGROOM (Click in the arrow to listen how to pronounce the word in Mandarin)


fú shou yǐ

CHINESE / MANDARIN VOCABULARY – SCHOOL (Click in the arrow to listen how to pronounce the word in Mandarin)


huì tánɡ

Every Chinese character is made up of a number of strokes, or single movements of the pen or writing brush. The order and direction in which the strokes are made are very important in producing uniform characters, and learning the basic rules of stroke order can also ease the process of learning to write.
In general ...

A good way to learn mandarin Chinese is to learn Chinese songs. Many people have a natural ability to hear sounds and tones in songs that are difficult to hear when spoken. When you practice singing in Chinese, you’ll actually learn the language more quickly, as your mind becomes accustomed to hearing mandarin language sounds ...

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