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Learn Chinese Grammar-“May, Maybe” – how to express possibility

Learn Chinese grammar with examples, get understanding of Chinese language! Here, we will give a simple introduction on how you describe a possible situation and/or action.

1. 可能(kĕnéng)

In a sentence, 可能 is put ahead of

What’s the Difference Between “能(néng)” and “会(huì)”?

Allen and Peter are discussing their plans for tomorrow.
           Nǐmen míngtiān zuò shénme?
Allen:你们     明天       做     什么?
           What are you guys going to do tomorrow?
            Wǒmen míngtiān qù tī zúqiú. Nǐ ____  tī zúqiú ma?
Peter:我们        明天      去 踢 足球。你____ 踢 足球  吗?
            We’re going

Two ways to express “A Little Bit” in Chinese (Elementary)

Please choose the correct answer to fill in the blanks.
Betty:  Wǒ___è. Wǒmen chī___dōngxi ba?
Betty:我___饿,我们    吃___ 东西   吧?
Mike: Hǎo de.
Mike:好  的。
A.一点儿(yìdiǎnr), 一点儿(yìdiǎnr)

B.有一点儿(yǒu yìdiǎnr), 一点儿(yìdiǎnr)

C.一点儿(yìdiǎnr), 有一点儿(yǒu yìdiǎnr)

D.有一点儿(yǒu yìdiǎnr), 有一点儿(yǒu yìdiǎnr)

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