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一分钱,一分货 (yì fēn qián , yì fēn huò) You get what you pay for (Advanced)

Jun. 1, 2010

一分钱,一分货 (yì fēn qián , yì fēn huòYou get what you pay for (Advanced)

一分钱 (yì fēn qián) means one cent; 一分货 (yì fēn huò) means one point of goods.  


Example:      Nǐ zhè tiáo qúnzi zhēn hǎo kàn, duō shǎo qián? A: 你 这 条    裙子   真    好  看, 多    少     钱?


    Your skirt is so beautiful! How much was it?     Sì bǎi kuài, yǒudiǎn guì. B: 四 百 块, 有 点 贵。


    Four hundred yuan, a little bit expensive!   Shì yǒu diǎn, bú guò yì fēn qián yì fēn huò, zhè qúnzi chuān zhe duō yǒu qìzhì ya! A: 是 有    点,不 过  一 分    钱   一 分 货, 这   裙子    穿     着 多   有    气质 呀!


Yeah, it is. But you get what you pay for. You look so elegant in this skirt! 


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This forum needed sahnikg up and you’ve just done that. Great post!

Interesting. Been trying to learn a new language for a while now so this is highly relevant! Thanks.

hey whats your myspace page.

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