World Cup Fever: Are You a “球迷(qiúmí)?”

Jack: Zhāng Léi, shìjiè bēi nǐ zhīchí nǎ gè duì?
Jack:  张       雷,世界 杯   你 支持   哪 个   队?
Jack: Zhang Lei, which team are you rooting for in the World Cup?

Zhānɡ Léi : Argentina, yīnwèi wǒ shì Lionel
张 雷:      Argentina, 因为 我 是 Lionel
Messi de qiúmí.
Messi 的 球迷。

Which of the following is correct according to the dialogue?
A. Zhang Lei is a fan of Lionel Messi.
B. Zhang Lei plays football with Lionel Messi.
C. Lionel Messi is one of Zhang Lei’s friends.


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