Answer to World Cup Fever: Are You a “球迷(qiúmí)?”

Answer: A
The FIFA World Cup 2014 held in Brazil is in full swing. Did you catch the opening ceremony and have you been enjoying watching the exciting games? During World Cup time, a number of die-hard fans are all hyped up and rearing to root for their favorite team or player. They are called “球迷(qiúmí) football fans.” In the word “球迷(qiúmí) football fan,” “球(qiú) ball” is short for “足球(zúqiú) football.” “迷(mí)” means fan.
“迷(mí)” is a noun meaning “fan.” It refers to someone who is extremely crazy for, or fanatical about a certain thing. If you are crazy about watching movies, we can call you “影迷(yǐnɡmí) film fan.” If you are crazy about football, then you are a “球迷(qiúmí) football fan.” There are also “网迷(wăngmí) Internet fans,” “戏迷(xìmí) playgoers,” and so on.

Example 1

Wánɡ Mínɡ: Jack, nǐ zài kàn shénme?
王       明:   Jack,你 在 看  什么?
Wang Ming: Jack, what are you watching?

Jack: Wǒ zài kàn shìjiè bēi.
Jack:  我  在   看   世界  杯。
Jack: I’m watching the World Cup.

Wáng Míng: Nǐ shì qiúmí ma?
王       明:   你 是  球迷  吗?
Wang Ming: Are you a football fan?

Jack: Dānɡrán le!
Jack: 当然       了!
Jack: Of course!

Example 2:

July: Nà xiē rén zài děnɡ shéi?
July: 那 些 人    在   等     谁?
July: Who are those people waiting for?

Jim: Jackie Chan. Tāmen shì Jackie Chan de yǐnɡmí.
Jim: Jackie Chan。他们    是  Jackie Chan 的 影迷。
Jim: Jackie Chan. They are fans of Jackie Chan.

In our test, “球迷(qiúmí)” means football fan, so the answer is A.
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