What Present Would You Select on Chinese Valentine’s Day? (Beginner)

What Present Would You Select on Chinese Valentine’s Day?

Key Learning Points (Preview):

礼物 (lǐwù): n. present/gift

送 (sòng): v. to give

Chinese Valentine’s Day -七夕 (Qīxī), on July seventh of the Chinese lunar calendar, is coming up. Many people in China are preparing to “送 (sòng) give” their girlfriends or boyfriends “礼物 (lǐwù) gifts.” So which present do you prefer on Chinese Valentine’s Day, Roses or Chocolate? These are the traditional presents. But, do you know about the mascots for Chinese Valentine’s Day? They are being designed by the department of “七夕文化风情节 (Qīxī wénhuà fēngqíngjié) the Cultural Festival of Chinese Valentine’s Day” in “望牛墩 (Wàngniúdūn) Wangniudun” (the cradle of the festival) and will be launched on Chinese Valentine’s Day. The mascots represent two characters from a love story, “牛郎 (Niúláng) the Cowboy” and “织女 (Zhīnǚ) the weaving girl.” This story tells the origin of Chinese Valentine’s Day-七夕 (Qīxī). In the story, the lovers are forced to part permanently, but, once a year, on July seventh (lunar year calendar) there is a “鹊桥 (què qiáo) bridge made up of magpies” that enables them to meet. So the mascots are called “郎郎 (Lángláng) Langlang” and “织织 (Zhīzhī) Zhizhi.” Designed to convey both a traditional and modern style, the new cartoon figures are lovely and romantic. Choosing them as a present may be another choice.

Key Learning Points:

礼物 (lǐwù): n. present/gift


Māma gěi wǒ mǎile yí gè yángwáwa zuòwéi shēngrì lǐwù.
妈妈    给 我 买了   一个  洋娃娃       作为      生日   礼物。

My mother bought me a doll as a birthdaygift.

送 (sòng): v. to give


           Qīxī dào le, nǐ sòng shénme lǐwù gěi nǐ nǚ péngyou ne.
Rose: 七夕 到了,你送     什么       礼物  给 你 女 朋友    呢?

           The Seventh Night of July is coming up. What gift will you give to your girl friend?

               Zhèngzài xiǎng ne, wǒ yào gěi tā yí gè jīngxǐ.
Wang Li: 正在        想   呢, 我  要    给  她 一个惊喜。

               I am thinking about it. I will surprise her.


七夕 (Qīxī): n. The Seventh Night of July in the Chinese lunar calendar

买 (mǎi): v. to buy

生日 (shēngrì): n. birthday

惊喜 (jīngxǐ): n. surprise

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