What Does It Mean When You Say “随便(suíbiàn)”?

Chinese word -随便(suíbiàn)

Read the dialogue below and answer the question that follows.
Mǎ Kè: Amy, wǒmen qù chīfàn ba. Nǐ xiǎng chī shénme?
马  克:Amy,我们   去  吃饭  吧。你 想      吃   什么?
Mark: Amy, let’s dine out, what do you wan to eat?

Amy: Suíbiàn. Wǒ chī shénme dōu kěyǐ.
Amy:随便。 我   吃   什么      都   可以。

What can we learn from the dialogue?
A. Amy doesn’t want to eat out.
B. Mark and Amy have decided what to eat.
C. Amy doesn’t care what they eat.

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