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Wearing a Sachet on Dragon Boat Festival (Elementary)

Jun. 19, 2012

Key Learning Points (Preview):

戴香包 (dài xiāngbāo) v. to wear the sachet

香 (xiāng) adj. fragrant/delicious

It's widely known that people enjoy "粽子 (zòngzi) rice dumplings" and "赛龙舟 (sài lóngzhōu) dragon-boat races" during the annual Dragon Boat Festival, but amongst all the customs, the most elegant one is surely the making and adorning of a sachet.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the fifth month (aka month of Poison) and fifth day on the lunar calendar marks the emergence of many poisonous insects. To ward them off, people hang wormwood, drink realgar wine, and "戴香包 (dài xiāngbāo) wear a sachet."

The sachet, a small bag full of various spices, came about in ancient times when people used realgar and wormwood to repel insects. It grew in popularity when it became symbolic of a woman’s great skill in selecting a variety of cloths and designs for making the sachets that were expected to protect and keep their children safe.

Nowadays, venders during the festival sell sachets just about everywhere. Likewise, customers buy them for the same reasons as they were originally used for long ago: in hopes for peace and happiness…and less bites from hungry pests.

Key Learning Points:

戴香包 (dài xiāngbāo) v. to wear the sachet

"戴 (dài)" means to wear and "香包 (xiāngbāo)" means sachet.


Tā dài de xiàngliàn hěn piàoliang.
她  戴  的 项链        很    漂亮。

The necklace she's wearing is very pretty.

Tā dàizhe fěnsè de zhēnzhū ěrhuán.
她  戴着     粉色  的  珍珠        耳环。

She is wearing a pair of pink pearl earrings.

Nǐ rènshi nàge dài hēi màozi de rén ma?
你  认识   那个 戴  黑   帽子   的  人   吗?

Do you know that person wearing a black hat?

(xiāng) adj. fragrant/delicious

"香 (xiāng)" is usually used as an adjective and can form some frequently-used nouns with other words, such as "香水(xiāngshuǐ) perfume," "香气/香味 (xiāngqì/xiāngwèi) fragrance," "香皂 (xiāngzào) toilet soap" and so on.


Hǎo xiāng a, wǒ dōu kuài yào liú kǒushuǐ le.
好     香   啊,我  都   快   要   流  口水   了。

It smells so delicious that it's making my mouth water.

Wǒ xǐhuan xūnyīcǎo wèi de xiāngshuǐ.
我   喜欢     薰衣草     味  的  香水。

I like that kind of lavender perfume.


Choose the correct answer to fill in the blank.

   Tā shǒushang ___ zhe piàoliang de zuànjiè.
1. 她 手上           ___  着    漂亮      的   钻戒。
   She’s wearing a beautiful diamond ring.

A. 戴 (dài)
B. 穿 (chuān)
C. 有 (yǒu)

   Duānwǔjié rénmen dōu yào chī ___, dài ___.
2. 端午节       人们      都    要   吃___,戴___。
   On Dragon Boat Festival, people will eat ___and wear ___.

A. 粽子 (zòngzi) rice dumplings, 香包 (xiāngbāo) sachets
B. 粽子 (zòngzi) rice dumplings, 耳环 (ěrhuán) earrings
C. 饺子 (jiǎozi) dumplings, 香包 (xiāngbāo) sachets

Answers to the practice: 1. A.        2. A

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