Unveiling The Mysteries Of Frost Descent (Shuang Jiang): A Journey Into Chinese Winter

Frost Descent”(霜降) is one of 24 solar terms in Chinese culture.As cool autumn winds sweep across the land, Frost Descent marks the transition from late autumn to early winter, bringing with it a host of unique customs and celebrations. It usually occurs on October 23-24 of the Gregorian calendar every year in China.

The origin of Frost Descent

In the rich tapestry of China’s seasonal traditions, one particular milestone holds a special place: Frost Descent. As autumn gradually bids farewell and winter tiptoes closer, Frost Descent marks an essential turning point in the Chinese calendar.

Frost Descent is named for the moment when the temperature drops significantly, causing dew to crystallize into delicate frost. This natural phenomenon signals the transition from late autumn to early winter, bringing with it a unique blend of customs and rituals deeply rooted in Chinese culture.

During this season, Frost Descent is associated with the notion of Yin energy, symbolizing the diminishing Yang energy of the year. It represents a time of introspection and preparation for the colder months ahead. This transitional period holds great importance, as it encourages people to reflect on the past, embrace the present, and prepare for the future.

Frost Descent’s traditional customs

Across China, people celebrate the arrival of Frost Descent by savoring a seasonal delicacy: persimmons. Not only do they provide warmth, but they are also thought to nourish the body and uplift the spirit, making them a great frosty food. Secondly, there is a custom of climbing high during the Frost Descent. Climbing high can not only relieve the function of the lungs, but at the same time, climbing high and seeing far away, refreshing and happy can soothe the mood.

In China, Frost Descent coincides with the blooming of chrysanthemums, captivating the senses with their bright colors and delicate petals. There is an ancient saying that “chrysanthemums bloom when Frost Descent strikes”, so climbing mountains and admiring chrysanthemums has become an elegant event during the Frost Descent. Many places in China.hold chrysanthemum festivals at this time to enjoy chrysanthemums and drink alcohol to show their respect and love for chrysanthemums.

Let’s welcome the colder months with open arms and enjoy the wonders of Frost Descent in China!Through this article, I hope I have provided you with a glimpse into the cultural significance and traditions associated with this unique period. Let the wonder of Frost Descent inspire your child’s language learning experience.

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