Chinese Tongue-twister灰、龟、鬼 (Huī, guī, guĭ) Ash, turtle, ghost

灰、龟、鬼(Huī,   guī,   guĭ)Ash, turtle, ghost

Yuăn wàng yì duī huī, huī shàng dūn gè guī, guī shàng dūn gè guĭ.
远        望  一  堆  灰,灰    上     蹲  个  龟,龟    上      蹲  个  鬼。
It is a pile of ash from distance where a turtle sits and a ghost sits on the turtle.
Guĭ ér wú shì tiāo dān shuĭ, shī le guī de wĕi,
鬼   儿 无  事  挑   担   水, 湿  了 龟 的  尾,
The ghost carries water and wet the turtle’s tail,
Guī yào guĭ péi guī de wĕi, guĭ yào guī péi guĭ de shuĭ.
龟   要    鬼  赔  龟  的 尾,鬼  要   龟  赔   鬼 的  水。
The turtle asks the ghost for compensations for its tail and the ghost asks the turtle for compensations for its water.

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