Top Chinese Word Depicting Boys and Men with Brilliant Talents


1. What does “宝藏男孩 (Bǎo zàng nán hái)” mean?

“宝藏男孩 (Bǎo zàng nán hái) Treasure boy ” is a hot Chinese word on the Internet, which common used to describe that you like to have a lot of unknown talents on your body slowly discovered by everyone.

The Chinese term “宝藏男孩 (Bǎo zàng nán hái) Treasure Boy” is a popular phrase being used by Chinese people around the world. It describes a boy/man who is very talented and is uncovering these talents themselves!

They’re finding out about them and so are the people around them. This includes both physical and mental talents that are commonly discovered in teenagers during puberty.

These teenagers can find out they are athletic or are good at sports. They may find talent for math or speaking. They can grow into their bodies and become more confident.

Girls may become interested in new things like skateboarding, cooking or social media.

The term has become a good way to describe teenagers growing up in our society today. They truly have a “宝藏 (Bǎo zàng) Treasure” of talents and skills.

2. Background of this word

This is a new and interesting expression, which can be used to praise “男孩 (Nán hái) boy” with many talents and skills.
This topic is so important to today’s culture.

“宝藏男孩 (Bǎo zàng nán hái) Treasure Boy” are the growth of society and tomorrow’s future. When people become who they are going to be, other people notice their change.

We all love a story of someone who is becoming better then they were yesterday.

“宝藏男孩 (Bǎo zàng nán hái) Treasure Boy” are inherent in all of us. We all remember when we were younger and found out about talent. This discovery fundamentally changed who we were.

3. Explain the knowledge points

宝藏男孩 (Bǎo zàng nán hái) : Treasure boy.

宝藏 (Bǎo zàng) : Treasure.

男孩 (Nán hái): boy.

So why we use the word “宝藏 (Bǎo zàng) Treasure”?

Because a man who has many unknown talents slowly discovered will give people a feeling of discovering wealth and “宝藏 (Bǎo zàng) Treasure”.

So we say “宝藏男孩 (Bǎo zàng nán hái)”.


Yáng yáng kě zhēn shì yī gè bǎo zàng nán hái
Yang Yang is really a treasure boy.

He is able to learn things quickly and finds that certain topics come to him very naturally.

He really does not have to try hard to learn a certain topic like math. Yang Yang is very good at math after a short time because of his natural affinity and the fact he is a “宝藏男孩 (Bǎo zàng nán hái) Treasure Boy”.

This serves him very well as he becomes very knowledgeable on the topic of math.


Nǐ yòu huì chàng gē yòu huì tán jí tā, nǐ kě zhēn shì yī gè bǎo zàng nán hái
You can not only sing but also play the guitar, you are really a treasure boy!

4. Things you need to pay attention:

The word “宝藏男孩 (Bǎo zàng nán hái) Treasure Boy” can be used to praise younger people, but older ones are less suitable.

Firstly,Treasure Boy is more about describing young men because it contains the word “(nán hái)boy”.

In addition,this is because of the time a young person is learning about themselves and the world allows them a special connection to certain topics.

They are able to learn skills like a sponge because of their youth and they are able to apply their knowledge quicker because of the enthusiastic newness of each situation.

These young “宝藏男孩 (Bǎo zàng nán hái) Treasure Boy” are at a unique advantage at this point in life because they are inherently talented in regard to their special gift.

As they uncover their gift they are buoyed by their success and continue down that rewarding road of growth and learning.

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C.  Handsome boy

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