Tomb-sweeping Day (April 4) with Tears and Laughter

Key Learning Points (Preview):

春游 (chūnyóu) n. spring outing

锻炼 (duànliàn) v. to exercise

The Tomb-sweeping Day in China is a day for ancestor worship. It falls on April 4, 2012. On this day, people go to sweep the tombs of their ancestors to show their respects. While sweeping the tombs, the family members often get emotional and sometimes cry. Besides tomb-sweeping, there are many other activities on the Tomb-sweeping Day, for example, “春游 (chūnyóu) spring outing,” “荡秋千 (dàng qiūqiān) playing on a swing,” “放风筝 (fàng fēngzhēng) kite-flying,” and “植树 (zhí shù) tree-planting.” People always have fun together when they do these activities. So why is the Tomb-sweeping Day filled with tears as well as laughter?

It is said that on the Tomb-sweeping Day, it is traditional for people to eat cold food instead of food cooked with fire. In order to stay healthy after eating the cold food, people participate in many sporting events and activities to “锻炼 (duànliàn) exercise.” As time passed, the tradition of eating cold food has disappeared, but today the custom of doing different activities still remains.

Among the Chinese people, the most popular activity is the spring outing. People always go out walking with family members and friends in the countryside or the parks. Many kites can be seen flying in the sky in the parks during this time. The Tomb-sweeping Day is coming soon, which activity will you choose?

Key Learning Points:

春游 (chūnyóu) n. spring outing


     Tiānqì zhēn hǎo, zhōumò qù chūnyóu zěnmeyàng?
Jen: 天气  真      好,周末       去   春游       怎么样?

     Today is such a lovely day! How about goingfor a spring outing this weekend?
      Hǎo zhǔyì.
Tina: 好 主意。

      Good idea.
锻炼 (duànliàn) v. to exercise

Xiàwǔ qù dǎ lánqiú ba, hái kěyǐ duànliàn shēntǐ.
下午   去 打   篮球  吧,还 可以  锻炼       身体。

How about playingbasketball in the afternoon? It’s a great way to exercise.

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