Tips-What is HSK and why take HSK?

What is HSK and why take HSK?

HSK, which is researched by Beijing language institute, is an exam that tests the Chinese language proficiency of non native speakers. It can be taken by all age groups and all levels, so if your mother language is not Chinese and you want to test your Chinese level, you can take it. If you learn Chinese, here it should refer in particular to learning Mandarin; HSK is one of the most professional exams to test your language ability. If you learn Mandarin, you can test your ability by taking different levels of HSK. Firstly, HSK is a systemic and comprehensive exam, designed to test all aspects of the Chinese language, when you prepare to take HSK you will need to review listening, reading and writing. HSK tends to focus on the systematic learning of listening, reading and writing. Speaking is not tested as intensively and so will need to be practiced outside of HSK preparation. Spoken Chinese is important when working for a Chinese organization, so remember to practice your oral Chinese, especially your business Chinese and interactive Chinese. Speaking practice should involve a lot of interactive communication, and will help your career in the future. By doing so, I believe that you will improve significantly, and when you hunt for a job, you will be more confident because of your fluency in Chinese.

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