Tips-How to Learn Chinese Idioms?

If you learn mandarin Chinese now, idioms are an important part of it. The mandarin language has developed over a very long period of time in which the idioms are formed, so idioms show fully the extensive and profound Chinese language.
Actually all the Chinese idioms have their own origins which are derived form many interesting and philosophical stories. Learning them can be done by just reading stories from Chinese language. For example the idiom 狐假虎威

(hújiǎhŭwēi), it originates from a story of a cunning fox using a tiger’s power to bully others. Now people usually use it to describe someone who bullies others by flaunting his powerful connections. That means you should try to know their origins and understand their meanings, then you can learn them easily and effectively.
If you can’t go to a Chinese school, Chinese online learning is a good choice, where you can also learn these interesting idioms stories. With the long history, mandarin Chinese contains a variety of language units. These language units play their own important parts in the now mandarin language, and idioms are one of them.

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