The Right Sequence: “以后(yǐhòu)” and “然后(ránhòu)”

Please fill in the blanks with the correct answer.
Nancy:   Nǐ xiàbān ___zuò shénme?
Nancy:你  下班  ___  做    什么?
Zhāng Míng: Wǒ xiān mǎicài, ___ zuò wǎnfàn.
张         明:  我   先   买菜,___   做    晚饭。
A. 然后 (ránhòu); 以后 (yǐhòu)

B. 以后(yǐhòu); 然后(ránhòu)

C. 然后(ránhòu); 然后(ránhòu)

Not sure about the answer? Not to worry, just take a look at this article “以后(yǐhòu)” vs “然后(ránhòu)” to figure out the correct answer!

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