Test Yourself for the HSK 3 with This Chinese Quiz!

Chinese General HSK3
Read the sentence below and answer the question.

Tā yǒu liǎng gè ér’zi, dà ér’zi jīnnián shí suì, xiǎo ér’zi jīnnián sān suì.
他  有    两  个 儿子,大 儿子 今年   十 岁,小  儿子  今年   三  岁 。


Which of the following has the correct description about their ages?
    Dà ér’zi bǐ xiǎo ér’zi dà sān suì.
A. 大 儿子 比  小   儿子 大 三  岁。

    Dà ér’zi bǐ xiǎo ér’zi dà qī suì.
B. 大 儿子 比 小  儿子 大 七 岁。

    Xiǎo ér’zi bǐ dà ér’zi dà sān suì.
C. 小   儿子 比 大 儿子 大 三  岁。

    Xiǎo ér’zi bǐ dà ér’zi xiǎo shí suì.
D. 小   儿子 比 大 儿子 小 十  岁。

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