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商务就餐礼仪之敬酒 Toasting Etiquette at a Business Dinner (Advanced)

Nov. 27, 2015

商务就餐礼仪之敬酒 (Shāngwù jiùcān lǐyí zhī jìngjiǔ)   
Toasting Etiquette at a Business Dinner


Key Learning Points (Preview):

敬酒 (jìngjiǔ): v. to propose a toast   


除非 (chúfēi): conj. unless   


"敬酒 (jìngjiǔ) Toasting" is an important part of dinner in China, especially at business dinners. One should follow the basic rules when attending a business dinner. Firstly, one should stand up and use both hands as he or she toasts. Secondly, one should hold his or her glass with the right hand and use the left hand to support the bottom. Remember to always hold the glass lower than those of others to show respect. Finally, many people can toast to one person, but one should not toast to many people at once "除非 (chúfēi) unless" he or she is the leader.

Key Learning Points:

敬酒 (jìngjiǔ): v. to propose a toast
"敬 (jìng)" literally means to respect and here it means to offer respectfully.
"酒 (jiǔ)" means liquor.



Wǒmen dàjiā xiàng xīnniáng xīnláng jìngjiǔ.
我们      大家  向      新娘      新郎     敬酒。
Let's propose a toast to the bride and groom.


除非 (chúfēi): conj. unless
"除 (chú)" literally means to get rid of, but here it means being exclusive. "非 (fēi)" means not.



Chúfēi nǐ nǔlì xià gōngfu, fǒuzé nǐ yǒngyuǎn dǎ bù hǎo wǎngqiú.
除非    你努力下  功夫, 否则  你  永远        打 不  好   网球。
You will never become good at tennis unless you work hard at it.


Chúfēi nǐ mǎshàng cǎiqǔ xíngdòng, bùrán yíqiè dōu wǎn le.
除非    你 马上       采取   行动,    不然    一切 都   晚  了。
It will be too late unless you take action immediately.


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