Roaring into the Dragon Year: Unlock the Meaning of ‘One Dragon Service’(一条龙服务)

As the Year of the Dragon approaches, dragon reappears as a zodiac sign. You must have heard about ‘wǔlóng 舞龙’ (dragon dance) and ‘lóngzhōu 龙舟’ (dragon boat), but have you ever seen a dragon’s service? There’s an interesting term in Chinese slang called ‘yī tiáo lóng fúwù 一条龙服务,’ which literally translates to ‘One Dragon’s Service.’

Dragon Year

In this term, the ‘dragon 龙’ doesn’t refer to an actual dragon. Instead, the expression ‘yī tiáo lóng 一条龙’ is likely borrowed from the image of a dragon. With a sinuous body, whiskers, sharp claws, and sometimes horns, it can be viewed as a whole, representing a complete and powerful entity. In reality, ‘yī tiáo lóng 一条龙’ is used to describe a comprehensive and all-inclusive service model, originating from the early 21st-century hotel service industry. Today, ‘yī tiáo lóng fúwù 一条龙服务’ has become a commonly used term, representing the concept of providing all-rounded services.

Here are some examples of ‘yī tiáo lóng fúwù 一条龙服务’ in different fields including Business, Tourism, Healthcare, etc.

1. Business

For example, in the tourism industry, ‘yī tiáo lóng fúwù 一条龙服务’ encompasses everything from reservations to itinerary planning, even including transportation services.

Wǒmen de lǚxíng shè tígōng ‘yī tiáo lóng fúwù,’ cóng nín chūfā dào jiéshù, wǒmen jiāng quánchéng fùzé.

我们的旅行社提供 ‘一条龙服务’,从您出发到结束,我们将全程负责。

Our travel agency provides a comprehensive service—from your departure until the end, we take care of everything.

2. Healthcare

In the medical field, ‘yī tiáo lóng fúwù 一条龙服务’ covers diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, offering comprehensive care.

Zhè jiā yīyuàn shì yī tiáo lóng fúwù, fēicháng tiē xīn.


This hospital provides a full-service experience and is very attentive.

3. Education and Training

From curriculum design, teaching implementation, exam guidance to student career planning, it offers all-encompassing education and training services.

Zhè wèi lǎoshī bāngzhù wǒ kè qián yùxí, kè hòu zǒngjié. Zhēnshì yī tiáo lóng fúwù a!


This teacher helps me preview before class and summarizes after class. It’s really a full-service!

The term ‘yī tiáo lóng fúwù 一条龙服务’ is often heard in casual conversations. It might be a bit challenging to grasp the differences between spoken and written Chinese, but our experienced Chinese instructors excel at clarifying these distinctions and providing plenty of examples to assist your comprehension. If you’re interested, feel free to click here and join our complimentary trial session anytime!

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