Quote of Week (Jan. 6, 2011)

Wǒ rènwéi fūqī yīnggāi wánquán píngděng.
我   认为    夫妻   应该   完全         平等。
Fūqī yìjiàn yíyàng shí tīng zhàngfu de, fūqī yìjiàn bù tóng shí tīng tàitai de.
夫妻 意见   一样   时   听      丈夫  的,夫妻 意见不   同    时  听   太太 的。

I think a husband and wife should be equal in all things. When the husband and wife are in agreement, obey the husband; when they are in disagreement, obey the wife.

—From 李开复 (Lǐ Kāifù) Kaifu Lee, former President, Google China, Dec. 20, 2010

夫妻 (fūqī): n. couple, husband and wife

平等 (píngděng): adj. equal

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  1. Good answer! I have added these definitions to my list of Chinese vocabulary that I use during my studies.

  2. I have checked some Chinese resources online, but I am still confused about the phrases “意见” and “建议.”

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