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Quote of the week (Oct. 8, 2010)

Oct. 9, 2010

Wǒ xīn lǐ chōngmǎn le gǎn'ēn hé yùnqi, wǒ hái bù rú Shīwǎxīngé, yuǎn yuǎn bù  rú
我 心 里      充满    了 感恩     和  运气,我 还   不 如 施瓦辛格, 远      远   不 如


My heart is filled with gratitude and I am very lucky. But I am not as good as Schwarzenegger, much less so.

—From "马云 (Mǎ Yún) Ma Yun," the Chairman and CEO of Alibabacom.

Learn Chinese Online: Vocabulary

充满 (chōngmǎn): v. to be filled with


感恩 (gǎn'ēn): n. gratitude


运气 (yùnqi): n. luck


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