Chinese Mini-test: TV drama (Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

I heard a new version of the TV drama The Dream of Red Mansions would soon be put on air.
Regarding this sentence, do you know how to say “TV drama” in Chinese?
A. 电影 (diànyǐng)
B. 电视剧 (diànshìjù)
C. 歌剧 (gējù)
D. 舞蹈剧 (wǔdǎojù)

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  1. chakaravarthy

    hi i am already learning chinese in online but i want to know my skills and my chinese level
    can u make me a test i want to know my level

  2. Francis Hanington

    That only causes me understand precisely how dumb is normally present day structure. I equally like how the post doesn’t state it is incorrect, that you will get witnessed and you should forget. Anyways, i actually get sleeping right now, most definitely i’ll reveal that to my man tomorrow, for the reason that he has been in the office currently. Always keep posting!

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