Quote of the week (Mar. 23, 2010)

Ài búshì xiù de, xìngfú búshì shài de.
爱  不是 秀 的,幸福   不是   晒   的。

Love is not for showing off and happiness is not for display.
Culture Note: Many famous stars in China like to show that they are satisfied with their personal lives by disclosing them to the public. When the media reports on this type of celebrity news, it usually says: 他们在秀恩爱 (Tāmen zài xiù ēn’ài) They are showing off their affection; 他们在晒幸福 (Tāmen zài shài xìngfú) They are displaying their happiness.
生词 (shēngcí) Vocabulary

爱 (ài): n love

秀 (xiù): v to show off

幸福 (xìngfú): n happiness

晒 (shài): v literally it means to bask in the sun, but here it is used metaphorically and means to display or to express.


Tāmen zài tàiyang dǐxià shài màizi.
他们     在  太阳      底下 晒  麦子。

They are basking wheat in the sun.
Hěnduō rén xǐhuan zài wǎngshàng shài  zìjǐ    de  guāndiǎn.
很 多     人  喜欢     在     网 上        晒   自己 的   观 点。

Many people like to express their opinions on the internet.

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