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Quote of the Week (Dec. 13, 2010)

Dec. 13, 2010

Zuò císhàn xūyào bú duàn xuéxí. Zuò le zhème duō nián císhàn, yě ràng wǒ xué dào
做    慈善     需要   不  断     学习。做   了 这么    多    年    慈善,也   让    我  学   到
hěn duō dōngxi. Qǐng dàjiā yídìng jiàodǎo wǒ, wǒ huì zuò gèng duō de shàn shì.
很     多   东西。  请    大家   一定    教导    我,我 会  做    更     多   的   善   事。


In doing charity, one needs to learn continually. Being involved with charity for so many years has enabled me to learn many things. Everyone please advises me; I will endeavor to do more good works!

from 成龙 (Chéng Lóng) Jackie Chan on Nov. 28th.

慈善 (císhàn): n. charity


学习 (xuéxí): v. to learn


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What are the usages of the word “会” in Chinese? Can you give me some examples in the next Chinese language class?

The Chinese word “让(ràng)” has varied meanings in different contexts. In this quote it means “let/make” while in the sentence “让雨淋了(ràng yǔ lín le)” it indicates the passive voice.

How is the word “让” used in this quote different from its use in the sentence “让雨淋了?” Can you explain it in an upcoming Chinese language class?

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