Chinese Mini-Test: Any day is fine (Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

A: What day is the best for you to go shopping with me?
B: Any day is fine.
How do you say “Any day is fine” in Chinese?
A. 哪天都行 (nǎ tiān dōu xíng)
B. 那天都行 (nà tiān dōu xíng)
C. 任何天都行 (rènhé tiān dōu xíng)
D. 每天都行 (měi tiān dōu xíng)

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  1. I took this Mandarin lesson online and I have a question, in this lesson does “行” mean “OK?”

  2. I also took this Mandarin lesson online. Yes, 行 means “OK.” But, I’ve learned that 行 has another meaning—”to walk.” For example: “行走 to walk/to go on foot.”

  3. That’s right! I’d like to provide an example for when 行 means “to walk:” “她不能行走了。She is unable to walk.”

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