Popular Chinese Saying: 亲 (Qīn) Dear!

“亲 (qīn) dear” is short for “亲爱的(qīn’ài de) dear.” “亲 (qīn) dear” originated from the online conversation between sellers and buyers on Taobao.com, which is the Chinese version of eBay. The word “亲 (qīn) dear” helps the sellers create a friendly image, and some customers may call the sellers “亲 (qīn) dear” back.

Now, you may hear people say “亲 (qīn) dear” in daily greetings. For example: “亲,能帮我个忙吗?(Qīn, néng bāng wǒ ge máng ma?) Dear, could you please do me a favor?”


Lisa: Qīn, nǐ jué de zhè tiáo qúnzi zěnmeyàng?
Lisa:  亲,你 觉 得 这   条    裙子  怎么样?
Lisa: Dear, how do you like this dress?

Anne: Wǒ hěn xǐhuan, jiàqián yě piányi.
Anne: 我 很    喜欢, 价钱    也  便宜。

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