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Why is Chinese Pinyin so improtant?
Chinese is not a phonetic language and the pronunciation is not related to the writing of Chinese words (characters). A special tool called Pinyin (pronouncing the sound) is created to help people learn Mandarin pronunciation. Pinyin is a way to represent Chinese characters and express the sounds in the Chinese language using the alphabet. There are other systems to express Mandarin, but Pinyin is the most accepted and widely used. Once you learn Pinyin you will know how to pronounce any word in Mandarin using a Chinese dictionary. Pinyin is also the most common way to input Chinese characters into a computer.

Learn Pinyin Step-by-Step at eChineseLearning
Talk to eChineseLearning’s professional Chinese teacher online, get a customized study plan for learning Pinyin. Regular Mandarin Chinese lessons provide a systematic way to learn Chinese step-by-step!

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Pronunciation of madarin Chinese (By sinosplice/) The purpose of this section is to clarify some important issues regarding the pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese.

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