An In-Depth Analysis Of 2022 CAIE IGCSE Mandrain Exam- Reading

In order to effectively help students conquer CAIE IGCSE Chinese Exam for Second Language, it is important to practice with the questions in past papers. In this article, we will go through the reading section of 2022 Exam Paper of CAIE IGCSE Chinese. Let’s read the passage and the questions first.

8. 公立大学招生数目有限

We found that the first paragraph said, “因为公立大学招生数目有限,部分学生就只能就读私立大学” ,it can be seen that the reason why students can not go to public universities is because of limited quota for admissions at public universities.

9.学业因素 财务问题

In the second paragraph of the article, “根据教育部的统计,去年财务问题跃升为除了学业因素之外学生退学的第二大原因”, it can be seen that the first reason is academic factors and the second reason is financial problems.

10. 有机会读大学/有机会跨越贫富差距带来的鸿沟

The last sentence of the second paragraph of the article reads, “低利率的就学贷款让许多低收入家庭的子女有机会通过读大学跨越因为贫富差距导致的鸿沟”.It can be seen that the gospel is the opportunity to go to college. After going to college, there is an opportunity to bridge the gap caused by the gap between rich and poor.

11. 负债消费越来越被大众接受

From the third paragraph, “另外,台湾地区也正在经历一场价值革命。以前大家不接纳“负债”消费,现在这个观念越来越被大众接受” ,so everyone applies for student loans.


The third paragraph mentions, “虽然就学贷款可以帮助一些学生,但是我爸妈觉得让自己的孩子借钱念书很丢脸”, this sentence shows that the reason why his parents disagree is that they feel embarrassed.


In the third paragraph”不过,一般贷款不会涉及到使用公共资源,就学贷款则不同”,shows that student loans will use public  resources.

14. 这些钱应该用在关键、重要的地方

In Chinese, “用在刀刃上” means to use it in key and important places.

15. 第一:就读期间的利息全部由政府补贴        第二:如果产生呆帐,最后也是由政府解决

In the penultimate paragraph, “年收入低于114万家庭的学生申请贷款后,就读期间的利息全部由政府补贴。即便如此,就学贷款到期不还的比率依旧偏高,许多学生借钱后没能及时还贷,银行也没有认真催讨,反正如果产生呆帐,最后也是由政府解决” .It can be seen that all interest during the study period is subsidized by the government. If a bad debt occurs, it will be settled by the government in the end. These are two measures.

16. 准时还钱

The first sentence of the last paragraph “年轻一代在越来越习惯借钱的同时,也必须越来越懂得准时还钱,和银行建立互信的关系” ,from this, we can see that paying back money on time can establish a mutual trust relationship with the bank, which means better credit rating.


The last sentence in the last paragraph “他认为政府应通盘检讨学杂费审议机制,责成教育部推动高教公共化,最关键的是给年轻人提供更好的就业机会,让他们有能力偿还学贷” .This sentence shows that the most fundamental thing is to provide better employment opportunities for young people.

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