Top 4 Chinese Books Recommended For Children Learning Chinese

Several Chinese books suitable for children to learn.

1. 《Chinese Made Easy

The《Chinese Made Easy》curriculum consists of five levels: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, and Book 5. Each level includes textbooks accompanied by CDs and workbooks. By completing this comprehensive series, learners will develop a vocabulary of around 1,700 Chinese characters and acquire proficiency in several thousand phrases. The course emphasizes task-based learning while focusing on form and function. The textbooks are visually engaging, presented in full color, and feature vocabulary lists containing both simplified and traditional Chinese characters.

2. 《Chinese Textbook for Kids by eChineseLearning

Our books are specially designed for non-Chinese children. The difficulty is gradual. There are 8 levels in total. We also design some interactive games, which are very interesting to learn.Our books include Interactive Multimedia Courseware.

3.《Easy Steps to Chinese

《Easy Steps to Chinese》presents a fresh approach to teaching Chinese as a foreign language, catering to primary and secondary school students preparing for Chinese exams like GCSE/IGCSE/AS (U.K.), SAT II/AP (U.S.A.), and IB Chinese Language B Standard Level. It is also ideal for self-study learners. The curriculum is divided into three stages: Stage 1 includes Books 1 and 2, Stage 2 encompasses Books 3, 4, 5, and 6, and Stage 3 covers Books 7 and 8. Upon completion of this series, students will have acquired a vocabulary of approximately 1,600 Chinese characters and developed the confidence to effectively communicate in both oral and written forms.

4.《Learn Chinese With Me》

《Learn Chinese with Me》is a series of textbooks tailored for high school students at beginner to low-intermediate Chinese proficiency levels. Comprising four volumes, the curriculum places a strong emphasis on grammar and sentence patterns within the context of everyday activities relevant to teenagers. The program aims to enhance students’ language skills in writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Learn Chinese with Me offers engaging and enjoyable learning experiences through vibrant illustrations, captivating stories, music, mazes, exercises, and interactive activities. Each level encompasses six comprehensive units of study. The materials are presented in simplified characters accompanied by pinyin.

By immersing themselves in Chinese  books, kids can develop their language skills for  Chinese.

If you are interested in having your kid learn Chinese, sign up for a free trial class via the form on this page, and we will be happy to help.

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