Chinese For Children: Popular Toys For Children In China.

Learn Chinese words for toys with pictures.

What toys do you love? What toys do you want to choose for your children? Let’s learn Chinese words for some of the most popular toys in China!


Shēngrì nà tiān, bàba gěi wǒ mǎi le yígè yángwáwa.
1. 生日    那   天, 爸爸   给  我  买 了 一个 洋娃娃 。
My father bought a doll for me for my birthday.

Kuài kàn, tāmen zài dā jīmù, wǒmen yě qù wán ba.
2. A: 快看,    他们   在   搭  积木,我们   也  去   玩   吧。

Look. They are piling upbuilding blocks. Why don’t we do it together?

hǎo a.
B: 好 啊。


Wǒ tèbié xǐhuan wéiníxióng, tā hǎo kě’ài ya.
3. 我   特别 喜欢     维尼熊,   他 好   可爱 呀。
I like Winnie the Pooh very much. He is so lovely.

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