Chinese Language - Learn a Chinese Nursery Rhyme for Kids- Sit in a Row and Eat Fruit
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排排坐吃果果(pái pái zuò chī guǒ guǒ) Sit in a Row and Eat Fruit

Jan. 28, 2015

Pái pái zuò chī guǒ guǒ,
排   排   坐   吃  果   果,
We sit in a row and eat fruit,


Nǐ yígè,  wǒ yígè,
你 一个,我 一个。
One for you and one for me,


Mèimei shuìzháo le,
妹妹        睡着     了,
Our little sister has fallen asleep,


Gěi tā liú yígè.
给   她 留 一个。
Let’s save one for her.



1. 坐(zuò) verb. sit

Please, sit down!


2. 睡(shuì) verb. sleep

Jim,   nǐ zěnme hái bú shuì?
Jim,你   怎么   还  不 睡?
Jim, why haven’t you fallen asleep yet?


3. 个() measure word.

Wǒ yǒu yígè mèngxiǎng.
我   有   一个     梦想。
I have a dream.



1. If you entertain a guest in your home, then you usually say ____ to the guest when in the dining room.




2. 我有 一___ 苹果。(Wǒ yǒu yí____píngguǒ.)

A. 条(tiáo)

B. 只(zhī)

C. 个()

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