Older or Younger? How to Compare Ages in Chinese

Lǐ Huá: Nǐ duō dà?
李 华: 你  多  大?
Li Hua: How old are you?
Jim:  Wǒ shíwǔ suì.  Nǐ ne?
Jim:我   十五   岁。你 呢?
Jim: I’m fifteen years old. What about you?
Lǐ Huá: Wǒ bǐ nǐ ____.
李 华: 我  比 你_____。
Li Hua: I’m three years older than you.
Please fill in the blank with the correct answer
A. 大三岁(dà sān suì)

B. 老三岁(lǎo sān suì)

C. 三岁大(sān suì dà)

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