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Nursery Rhyme -滑滑梯(huá huátī) Play on the Slide

Dec. 11, 2014

Pái hǎo duì ya,
排   好   队   呀,
Please line up,


Huá huátī,  huá huátī.
滑    滑梯, 滑   滑梯。
Let’s play on the slide.


Dàjiā bù tuī yě bù jǐ,
大家  不  推 也 不 挤,
We don’t push or shove others,


Bù tuī yě bù jǐ.
不  推 也 不 挤。
Don’t push or shove others.


Màn màn shàng, bié zháojí.
慢     慢    上,     别  着急。
Please climb up carefully. Take your time.


Lā lā lā  lā  lā.
啦 啦 啦 啦 啦,


Huá huátī.
滑    滑梯。
Let’s play on the slide.



1. 滑(huá)      v.      slide / slip

Dìdi xǐhuɑn huá huá tī  
弟弟 喜欢    滑   滑   梯。
My brother likes to slide.


2. 推(tuī)      v.      push

Gāngcái shéi tuī wǒ?
刚才       谁    推  我?
Who pushed me just now?


3. 挤()       v.     crowd

Dàjiā bié jǐ!
大家  别  挤!
Don’t crowd!



1. What is the Chinese word for “ice-skating”?

A. 滑冰(huábīnɡ)

B. 跳舞(tiàowǔ)

C. 跑步(pǎobù)

2. What’s the meaning of “挤()?”

A. pull

B. push

C. crowd

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