Chinese Nursery Rhyme For Kids: Doing Morning Exercises Every Day (Beginner)

天天做早操 (Tiāntiān zuò zǎocāo) Doing Morning Exercises Everyday

Is your kid in the habit of doing morning exercises? Well, let’s study the Chinese language while enjoying this nursery rhyme: “Doing Morning Exercises Everyday.”

Key Learning Points (Preview):

早操 (zǎocāo) n. morning exercises

学生 (xuésheng) n. student

Listen to the whole nursery rhyme

Tiān liàng le,
天     亮    了,

Morning time,
Zuò zǎocāo,
做     早操,

Doing morning exercises,
Zǎoshang kōngqì duōme hǎo.
早上            空气     多么    好。

How fresh the air is in the morning.
Xiǎo xuésheng.
小         学生,

School children,
Shàng xuéxiào,
上          学校,

Go to school,
Pái qǐ duì lái zuò zǎocāo.
排   起 队 来 做   早操。

Queuing to do morning exercises.
Shēn shēn shǒu,
伸       伸       手,

Stretch your arms,
Wān wān yāo,
弯      弯    腰,

Bend your back,
Tiāntiān zuòcāo shēntǐ hǎo.
天天         做操     身体    好。

Doing morning exercises everyday keeps us healthy.
Key Learning Points:
早操 (zǎocāo) n. morning exercises

A: Nǐmen xuéxiào yǒu zǎocāo ma?
A: 你们      学校     有    早操    吗?

A: Does your school have morning exercises?
B: Yǒu ya. Wǒmen měitiān dōu zuò.
B: 有呀。 我们        每天     都    做。

B: Yes. We do morning exercises every day.
 学生 (xuésheng) n. student

Xuésheng men shǒu qiān shǒu zhàn chéng yìpái.
学生           们      手     牵     手     站     成    一排。

Students stand hand in hand in a row.

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  1. Yes, you’re right. The words “亮 (liàng)” and “黑 (hēi)” in these two phrases are antonyms. “亮 (liàng) light/bright,” “黑 (hēi) dark.”

  2. I’ve studied Chinese for two years, and I think it should be “天黑了 (tiān hēile).”

  3. Now that I’ve studied the Chinese phrase “天亮了 morning time/it’s light already” in this kids nursery rhyme, I’m wondering how to say “It’s getting dark” in Chinese?

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