What type of man is “暖男(nuǎnnán)?”

Lately, discussions on social networking sites have turned their attention to, what some argue to be, a new type of ideal boyfriend called “暖男 (nuǎnnán).”

So, what is it about this type of men that makes them so sought after?

Do you or your man have the characteristics of a “暖男 (nuǎnnán)?”

“暖 (nuǎn)” basically means “warm,” but in the case of “暖男 (nuǎnnán),” the word is also used to modify a person.

“暖男 (nuǎnnán)” refers to guys who give off a sense of warmth to others, just like the sunshine.

However, the word “warm” here refers to emotional warmth and an understanding of others’ feelings.“暖男 (nuǎnnán)” is defined as a warm, nice guy who is tender, considerate and understanding.

He always make the people around him feel cared for and appreciated. He may remind you to put on more clothes when he knows the weather is going to change, or act as a patient listener when you broke up with your boyfriend.

When at home, especially as a husband, he knows how to take good care of his beloved family and always try to spend as much time as possible with them.

He might also be good at cooking. All of what he does contributes to a warm and comfortable family atmosphere.

Last, but not least, a warm, nice guy is always meticulous, compassionate, and good at understanding others’ emotions or feelings.


Wǒ xīwàng wǒde nánpéngyou shì gè nuǎnnán!
我  希望      我的   男朋友          是  个  暖男!
I wish that my boyfriend were a warm, nice guy!

Lǐ Míng yòu rèqíng yòu tǐtiē,    zhēn shì gè nuǎnnán!
李 明     又   热情    又   体贴, 真     是  个  暖男!
Li Ming is enthusiastic and considerate. He’s a real sweet guy!


Lǐ méi: Zhāngxīn, tīngshuō nǐ lǎogōng zuòfàn zuò de hěn hǎo?
李  梅:   张新,     听说       你  老公      做饭     做   得  很   好?
Li Mei: Zhang Xin, is it true what I’ve heard, that your husband is good at cooking?

Zhāng Xīn: Shì ā,    tā háishì gè nǎibà.
张         新:   是 啊,他 还是   个  奶爸。
Zhang Xin: Yes, he is also a stay-at-home dad.

Lǐméi: Wa! Nǐ lǎogōng zhēn shì gè jūjiā nuǎnnán.
李 梅:  哇!你 老公      真      是  个 居家 暖男。
Li Mei: Wow! Your husband is really a family man.

To give you a clearer idea of what a “暖男 (nuǎnnán)” really is, let’s have a look at some well-known “暖男 (nuǎnnán)” in the media.

Zhang Liang, an international model and sweet, multi-talented guy, got popular on the Chinese reality show-Where Are We Going, Dad?

On the show, he impressed the audience by his successful communication skills with his son and his excellent cooking ability.

Another prime example is David Beckham, the famous football star who is known for his affectionate love for his wife and for being good at caring for his children.


1. Linda’s husband is a “暖男 (nuǎnnán)”. What does this mean?

A. Linda’s husband feels warm.
B. Linda’s husband is good at taking care of his family.
C. Linda’s husband doesn’t support his family.

2. Which one of the following features describes a “暖男 (nuǎnnán)?”

A. Considerate.
B. Strong.
C. Indifferent.

3. What will a “暖男 (nuǎnnán)” probable not do?

A. Cook for his family.
B. Leave his children alone to play computer games.
C. Accompany his wife on weekends.

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